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Ambulance Manufacturers

Ahmad Medix is  biggest company in Pakistan. we are making  modern  or highest range ambulance in Pakistan. Life care ambulance is very strong and comfortable for patients. Ambulance internal structure is manufactured with high standard fabrication raw material







The ambulance is an emergency patient’s care transport vehicle. The ambulance is an excellent solution for any critical emergency. A lot of manufacturers companies is working on emergency vehicles and it is very comfortable for the patient.

Ambulance in Pakistan

Ahmad Medix is famous firm in Pakistan. It is a largest ISO certified manufacturers of ambulances. We are making widely range high standard equipped ambulances. Ahmad Medix is a manufacturer and supplied ambulances all over the Country Rescue 1122, Government health departments, Government hospital, all privates welfare trust hospitals and more others organization.

Ambulance Fabrication

We fabricate the ambulances on a lot of local and international chassis. These are chassis like Toyota vans, Suzuki Bolan, FAW XPV, Suzuki AVP, King Long, Mercedes sprinter and more others. Our ambulance is very comfort for patients.  We are constructed the ambulance boxes include side wall, cabinets, ceiling, deep side bench accessories box made by standard ABS Molded fiberglass materials. Our ambulance flooring made of plywood with the laminate industrial grade vinyl sheet.

Electrical Wiring of Ambulance

All safe electrical wiring with connector system fireproof & color-coded wire and digital electrical command panel having  malfunction informing feature, safety circuit breaker

Internal Communication System of Ambulance

The reflective inscription, stripes and logos as per customer requirement. External emergency warning lighting spoiler & PA system with 150 Multi-tone siren and internal and external power control